Anton Algrang is a German/Italian Film, Television and Theatre actor well-known for "Valkyrie" (ger. "Operation Walküre - Das Stauffenberg-Attentat") starring opposite Tom Cruise (2008), "The Holy Land Of Tyrol"

(ger. "Bergblut") (2010), "Elser - Er hätte die Welt verändert" (2015) and  numerous TV series such as "Franzi" (2008 - 2010), "Tatort",

"SOKO Donau/Wien", "Rosenheim Cops", "Der Alte", "SOKO München", etc. He can currently be seen in "Kripo Bozen" (2016),

"Der Staatsanwalt" (2016) and in an upcoming TV movie "Benede" as well as live on stage of the Residenztheater in Munich in "Die Klasse" (2015/2016).


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